Alex Hillman, the co-founder of Indy Hall and a respected leader in the global coworking community and industry has just recently written up a great series of posts exploring the 5 core values of coworking:






On October 23, 2011 from 1:00PM to 5:00PM (time zone: New York) Alex will offer a half-day workshop to share his coworking knowledge to give people interested in coworking the confidence in launching and running a healthy, happy, and sustainable coworking space and community.

If you can´t join him in his online-workshop you will have the chance to see him in person at the European Coworking Conference 2011 in Berlin. He will give there on the 3rd of november a keynote “Taking coworking the next level: it’s all about community!”

Here are some  informations about his Coworkshop taken from his event posting on

The core topics of his workshop are divided into four primary segments:

  1.     How to Market a Coworking Space
  2.     An Intro to Community Dynamics
  3.     Business Foundations for Coworking
  4.     Operating a Coworking Space for the Long Haul

plus at least 30 minutes for an action packed Q&A.

The entire course will be recorded and shared in the week following the course. All ticket holders will receive a copy of the audio and video, a full text transcription of the audio, a full transcript of the chat room, AND printable PDF versions of the slides. There’s also a private discussion group ONLY for alumni of this workshop for ongoing networking, discussions, questions, early access to future events, etc.

And you’ll receive a welcome package with attendance instructions in the week before the course.

How do I attend?

This course is conducted LIVE over the internet – so you can attend from anywhere with just a web browser and an internet connection. You’ll watch big, beautiful slides along with a video inset of Alex’s lecture. There’s also a chat room for all live participants to interact, network, and share their own ideas.

Tickets are $375, limited to 30 seats! Grab your ticket here.

Who’s it for?

This course has been previously attended by coworking catalysts at various stages of the development from nearly a dozen countries around the world. From the coworking beginner to the seasoned veteran, there’s value in here for you.

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